Dear Christine and Emma,

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s been better than I thought. The varied platforms of expression, both verbal and creative, have made the sessions flexible and focused on my needs and personality. I have found the visualisations and breathing techniques especially invaluable, balancing and relaxing. I feel like I have been reset.”

“A massive thank you Christine for all the help you gave me over the last year…you were amazingly supportive after my sister died”

“I enjoyed our counselling sessions Thank you for all the emotional support Christine, you have no idea the difference it has made to my life and how much I appreciated it”.

“I have felt safe and listened to”

“I understand my anger better and therefore am more able to control it”

“I am more aware of how my body is holding my emotions, and because of this I feel able to express how I am feeling to people”